Docs Onsite brings your documents to your team everywhere.

Scalable Storage

Never worry about filling up a file server again. Links to your Amazon S3 account for effectively limitless scalable storage.

Version Control

Upload new versions of documents without losing the old ones. Revisit old versions with a click.

Individual Access Controls

Control exactly who sees each document. Simply check off people when you upload. Change permissions anytime.

Audit Trail for Document Access

See who has accessed each document and when they did it. Provides a solid audit trail for security and accountability.

File Notes

Share questions and comments about a document quickly and easily.


Color coded calendars for each project. Track time against events on your calendar.


Task oriented to-do lists with due dates, scheduling for work time, time estimates, and time tracking.

Email Triage

Quickly triage project related emails right from an IMAP or Exchange account and assign them to tasks and events. Upload email attachments to your document repository and attach them to tasks for when they are needed.

Time Tracking

Track time against tasks and calendar events. View time reports for individuals and teams.

Quickbooks Sync

Link your projects to Quickbooks Online for quick export of time for billing.

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